Decolonizing Global Health

The Duke Decolonizing Global Health (DGH) student working group at Duke University was formed in 2018 by former students Andrea Koris, Laura Mkumba, and Yadurshini Raveendran, independently of the Duke Global Health Institute, out of a need to have more in-depth conversations about global health and its roots in oppressive systems.

The mission of the working group at Duke is a fundamental and systemic reimagining and reconstruction of the way global health currently exists and operates. We work towards a world in which the experiences, perspectives, and realities of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, who comprise the vast majority of the populations in which global health practitioners intervene, are valued, centered, and drive decisions.

As current global health master’s students, the DGH student working group aims to create means to investigate global health’s history and acknowledge the spaces we occupy as future global health practitioners and researchers.

The activities of the working group are not affiliated with and are independent of DGHI’s Diversity & Inclusion efforts.


Decolonizing Global Health 2020 working group members (from L to R): Ali Murad Buyum, Laura Mkumba, Yadurshini Raveendran, Cordelia Kenney and Andrea Koris.
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Duke Decolonizing Global Health Conference—a "Safe Space" for Discourse

Decolonizing Global Health speakers and organizers gathered for a portrait at the close of the January 2020 event. Photo by Ahmad Tejan-Sie.
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"We must ask uncomfortable questions": Notes from Decolonizing Global Health 2020