Q&A with 2016 Bass Connections Team Member Liane Emerson

Published December 12, 2016 under Education News


Liane Emerson was a member of the 2015-2016 Bass Connections team "Environmental Epidemiology in Latin America: Leishmania." We talked with her to learn more about the project and her hopes for its outcomes.

Name: Liane Emerson
Hometown: East Brunswick, New Jersey
Majors: Biology and global health
Graduation Date: 2018

Why did you join this Bass Connections project?

In looking over all the Bass Connections offerings, this project stuck out to me because of its emphasis on infectious disease. I’m focusing on infectious disease as part of my global health major and I really liked this project’s interaction between the environment and disease.  

What has been the best part of Peru/the project so far?  

Meeting and working with the team has been amazing. While we worked together for the better part of the year prior to departure and all got along, the chemistry really came to life once we got here. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so close to a group of people so fast! 

What do you hope to accomplish as part of this project?  

I hope we answer our research questions, get closer to ending malaria and uncover more about the disease. 

Why did you decide to major in global health?

After taking Global Health 101, I became very interested in infectious diseases. I am majoring in biology and global health, and ultimately, my goal is to become an infectious disease doctor.

To learn more about the team's work in Peru, view our multimedia feature and video about the project.