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Sherryl Broverman

Associate Professor of the Practice, Biology and Global Health
Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
(919) 668-0228
Sherryl Broverman


Sherryl focuses on creating linked curricula on HIV/AIDS with Egerton University in Kenya; developing international research service learning in the sciences; how inclusion of civic issues, international connections, and social engagement alters the cognitive and affective responses of non-major science students to science education; how course design impacts the demographics (gender, race, etc) of student enrollment in elective science courses; developing international science courses; the factors that impact educational outcomes for girls in rural Kenya.



Title Number Level
AIDS and Other Emerging Diseases
Crosslisted as GLHLTH 154 ICS 103B

Explores the interaction of biology and culture in creating and defining diseases through an investigation of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and other emerging diseases: molecular biology; biology of transmission and infection; the role of people and culture in the evolution of infectious diseases; reasons for the geographic variations in disease. The inductive-deductive methodology of science is both used to develop and test hypotheses as well as examined itself as an analytical tool. Intended for nonmajors.

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