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WISER, The Women's Institute for Secondary Education and Research


Project Objectives

WISER is a community development organization focusing on the social empowerment of underprivileged girls through education and health. Specific objectives are to:

* To increase the social empowerment of girls orphaned by AIDS as they prepare to transition to adult life.
* To reduce HIV risk and unplanned pregnancies of girls orphaned by AIDS by reducing the need for transactional sex or relationships due to low self-esteem.
* To support and coordinate post-graduation education and training for orphans interested in entering the health care workforce.

Project Outcomes

WISER works with a population of girls at high risk for HIV infection, early pregnancy, and child marriages. Girls involved in our intervention have a 90% reduction in pregnancy rates and HIV risk compared to control groups, have improved mental health, and transition to healthy adulthood with education or employment.

Project Policy Impact Description

WISER has demonstrated that reducing school-related gender based violence has a significant impact on the academic and health outcomes of adolescent girls.

Department & School

Trinity College of Arts and Sciences



  • Robertson Foundation


  • Women's Institute for Secondary Education and Research

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