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Tazeen Jafar

Research Professor of Global Health
Professor Health Services & Systems Research
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore
Duke Global Health Institute
Tazeen Jafar


Dr. Jafar's research interests include policy-relevant implementation research on chronic non-communicable disease, and epidemiological studies likely to influence clinical practice. Dr Jafar is a US Board certified Nephrologist. Dr Jafar has led many collaborative projects including the individual patient data meta-analysis of 11 internationally conducted randomized controlled trials on Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors on progression of non-diabetic kidney disease. Funded by the NIH, Dr Jafar has extensive experience of analyzing national health survey data including comparative studies of National Health Survey of Pakistan and US- National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). In Pakistan, Dr Jafar and her collaborators from the UK, established an extensive program of chronic diseases including the Control of Blood Pressure & Risk Attenuation (COBRA) trial evaluating the role of non-physician health workers and physician training on management of hypertension in low and middle income communities, and several projects related to life style (diet, obesity and physical activity) and chronic disease in children and adults. Dr Jafar has mentored several trainees in research, and facilitated the acquisition of competitive research training grants. She serves on a number of editorial boards of scientific journals, and on international advisory panel of Public Library of Science, and is a member of Wellcome Trust's Global Health Trials funding committee. Dr Jafar also advises the government and other agencies on chronic disease related policies, and served as an invited panelist at the Interactive Civil Society Hearing at the 2011 UN Summit on Non-communicable Diseases in New York.

Recent Publications

Tong, A, Manns, B, Wang, AYM, Hemmelgarn, B, Wheeler, DC, Gill, J, Tugwell, P, Pecoits-Filho, R, Crowe, S, Harris, T, Van Biesen, W, Winkelmayer, WC, Levin, A, Thompson, A, Perkovic, V, Ju, A, Gutman, T, Bernier-Jean, A, Viecelli, AK, O'Lone, E, Shen, J, Josephson, MA, Cho, Y, Johnson, DW, Sautenet, B, Tonelli, M, Craig, JC, & SONG Implementation Workshop Investigators, . (2018, December). Implementing core outcomes in kidney disease: report of the Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology (SONG) implementation workshop. Kidney International, 94 (6), 1053-1068.

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