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Randall Kramer

Juli Plant Grainger Professor of Global Environmental Health
Interim Director, Duke Global Health Institute
Nicholas School of the Environment
Environmental Sciences and Policy

Trent 107
(919) 613-8072

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Randy Kramer


Randall Kramer is professor of environmental economics and global health in the Nicholas School of the Environment, and Interim Director of the Duke Global Health Institute. Before coming to Duke in 1988, he was on the faculty at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He has held visiting positions at IUCN--The World Conservation Union, the Economic Growth Center at Yale University, and the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. He has served as a consultant to the World Bank, World Health Organization and other international organizations. He was named Duke University's Scholar Teacher of the Year in 2004. Kramer's research is focused on the economics of ecosystem services and on global environmental health. He is currently leading an interdisciplinary team using decision analysis and implementation science to evaluate the health, social and environmental impacts of alternative malaria control strategies in East Africa.


Recent Publications

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