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Ernesto Ortiz

Research Project Manager

Trent 229
(919) 681-3548

Ernesto is Peruvian/American, got his medical training in Peru and then moved to the U.S where he got his MPH at the University of Iowa, after that he stayed working at the university for a year doing research on zoonotic influenza. In 2007 got a job offer at the US Naval Medical Research Unit -6 in Peru, so he moved back to Peru where he spent 4 years doing research on emerging infectious diseases in different regions of Peru. Ernesto joined DGHI last April '12, he is working with Bill Pan's team, as an associate in research, assisting on the design and implementation of different research projects in Peru and South America mainly focused on environmental health and emerging infectious diseases.

To start a conversation with me, ask me: Anything about Peru and I will get very excited and I will start talking and talking

Favorite activity/ hobby outside of work: Love to play and watch tennis and soccer, love to travel

Recent book I read: Spillover by David Quammen, it's a great science thriller about zoonotic infectious diseases and their threat to global health

Favorite food: Peruvian, Mediterranean, Sushi, Italian, etc, etc, I love food!!


Amarakaeri Communal Research -- Health and Environmental Impacts from Gas Extraction

Factors influencing distribution of leishmaniasis disease and vectors in Madre de Dios, Peru

Environmental Epidemiology in Latin America: Research and Policy Development to Reduce Chemical Exposures

Evaluating the Impact of Mercury Contamination on Human and Environmental Health in Madre de Dios Watershed

Exploring the potential link between Mitochondrial DNA damage and mercury exposure as a result of small scale and artisanal gold mining in Madre de Dios Peru

Assessment of Diabetes Point-of-Care Tests in the Peruvian Amazon

Evaluating the impact of mercury contamination on human and environmental welfare in the Madre de Dios / Beni Watersheds in Peru and Bolivia

Environmental Epidemiology in Latin America - Leishmania

POCkeT Colposcope: Increased Distribution and Adoption

Evaluation of transvaginal colposcopy as a screening device for cervical cancer among international physicians

Ernesto Ortiz