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Control of Childhood Diarrhea Mortality: Past Success and Future Prospects

Project Overview

The Control of Childhood Diarrhea Mortality: Past Success and Future Prospects project's goal is to produce a comprehensive paper on the history and evolution of diarrhea mortality and its implications on the future of diarrhea burden and disease control programs. This project will require research, writing, and editing on the following topics: trends in diarrheal disease burden; the history of clinical management of diarrhea; the global programs for reduction of diarrhea mortality; coverage for diarrhea treatment and prevention; analysis of determinants of diarrhea mortality decline; implications of the above indicators on the future of disease control; and recommendations for national child health programs, the Sustainable Development Goals, and future research. As part of this effort, the project will conduct country specific case study analyses of childhood diarrhea morbidity and mortality trends, together with a comprehensive assessment of the preventive and therapeutic interventions, health system changes, and other key determinants of changes in diarrhea mortality and morbidity in six countries.

As a co-investigator, Michael Merson will be responsible for conducting data collection and analysis, providing technical expertise and historical and institutional knowledge in development of recommendations for the future of diarrhea disease control programs and related research, and writing and editing of the final paper. Dr. Merson will also assist in the data collection and analysis and provide technical expertise on the country specific case studies.

Dr. Merson's research associate, Michelle Pender, will be responsible for assisting with data collection and analysis for the final paper and country specific case studies as well as with editing of the final paper and case studies.


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School of Medicine


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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