EQAPOL (External Quality Assurance Proficiency of Laboratories)





  • NIH-National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

End Date:

  • Ongoing

EQAPOL (External Quality Assurance Proficiency of Laboratories)

EQAPOL provides an external quality assurance (EQA) program for NIAID DAIDS HIV/AIDS Vaccine Programs and their national and international laboratories. The EQAPOL team at Duke develops ELISPOT, intracellular cytokine assays, adenovirus 5 neutralization assays and subsequent EQA of the assays in national and international vaccine research laboratories. We will develop and maintain a frozen bank of peripheral blood mononuclear cells that have demonstrated reactivities in the above named assays. These and other Duke inventoried reagents will be provided to national and international vaccine laboratories as needed to develop, standardize and QA their performance of the specific assays being used as part of HIV/AIDS vaccine research studies. Additional work will be focused of HIV antibody neutralization assays, pre existing vector immunity and the establishment and characterization of unique clade specific HIV virus panels and other immune or virologic assays useful to assessing responses in those receiving HIV/AIDS vaccines. The Duke EQAPOL team will follow GCLP/GMP operations for the EQAPOL Program.

Last updated on January 10, 2018