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Nitric Oxide and Microvascular Dysfunction in Severe Malaria

Project Overview

This R01 research project funded by NHLBI aims to understand whether disruption of the matrix that lines human vascular endothelium, glycocalyx, is a determinant of the vascular dysfunction observed in severe falciparum malaria. The research project will also conduct phase I studies of medical adjuvant therapies for malaria: administration of a nitric oxide donor molecule to assess whether this ameliorates the vascular dysfunction observed in severe falciparum malaria.

**Aim 1.** We will determine the relationship between endothelial glycocalyx breakdown, endothelial NO bioavailability & function, and malaria disease severity.

**Aim 2.** Determine if children with falciparum malaria have vascular responses to exogenous NO (nitrite) and how this relates to glycocalyx integrity.

Could inform development of adjuvant therapies for severe falciparum malaria.




  • NIH-National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

Project Collaborators

  • Menzies Health Sciences Research University
  • Hubert Kairuki Medical University

Project Status


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