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Uganda Neurosurgical Training Program and Surgical Skills

Project Overview

1. Train Ugandan Neurosurgeons, Anesthesiologists, Nurses in the Operating Room, ICU, and floor to take care of complex neurosurgical problems.
2. Set up Rwandan Neurosurgical Training Program for two residents per year to begin in August of 2011
3. Set up research collaborative efforts between Rwanda and Duke, on meningiomas, spinal trauma
4. Collaborative effort between Duke, and Uganda looking into effect of helmet use on traumatic brain injury

Currently three graduates have been posted to Mbarara and five more Ugandan neurosurgery residents in the training program that Dr. Haglund serves as Co-Director.

The ability through the training program to spread neurosurgeons all over Uganda.

Department & School

Surgery: Neurosurgery
School of Medicine



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