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You Get What You Look For: Emerging Infections in a Malaria Endemic Zone

Pediatric fevers in Kenya

Project Overview

The primary objective of this project is to determine the major causes of pediatric fevers in rural Kenya in order to improve diagnosis and case management as well as to understand environmental and socio-demographic risk factors for infection.

W.P. O'Meara, J. Mott, J. Laktabai, K. Wamburu, B. Fields, J. Armstrong, S. Taylor, C. MacIntyre, R. Sen, D. Menya, W. Pan, B. Nicholson, C. Woods, T. Holland "Etiology of pediatric fever in Western Kenya: A case-control study of falciparum malaria, respiratory viruses, and streptococcal pharyngitis" American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene,92(5):1030-7 (2015)

A. Maina, C. Farris, A. Odhiambo, J. Jiang, J. Laktabai, J. Armstrong, T. Holland, A. Richards, W.P. O'Meara "Q-fever, scrub typhus, and rickettsial diseases as common causes of undifferentiated fevers among pediatric patients in western Kenya" Emerging Infectious Diseases 22(5):883-6 (2016)

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Medicine: Infectious Diseases
School of Medicine



  • Duke Global Health Institute

Project Collaborators

  • Duke University School of Medicine
  • Moi University School of Medicine
  • Moi University School of Medicine

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