Assessment of Mental Health of Caregivers in Residential Care Organizations

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Project member(s):

  • Neal Dalal
    Arushi Biswas
    Angela Wang
    Sweta kafle

Faculty mentor:

Community partners:

  • Udayan Care, Kiran Modi

Assessment of Mental Health of Caregivers in Residential Care Organizations

Project overview

Starting in 2014, teams of Duke students have collaborated with Udayan Care to collect data over a 2-month period on a range of mental and physical health constructs including depression, anxiety, attachment, social relations, self-concept, ego-resiliency, trauma symptoms, parenting-style social role adjustment, and overall life satisfaction. A random selection of children across 14 homes was taken in 2014 and each year following. Every year, new children in the homes were added as part of the longitudinal study. In the case of new homes created within the Udayan Care Ghar Programme, all new children were added to the sample. In 2020, the newest batch of Udayan Care Shalini Fellows was included in the sample.

In 2020, four students collected data from a total of 71 children. Twenty-one children were from the longitudinal sample, who were chosen based off high-risk scores from data collection from 2019. All children who newly entered the Udayan Care Ghar Programme after July 2019 above the age of 10 were also interviewed for the first time in 2020. Data of the 18 new children who entered the homes after July 2019 is not shown longitudinally. Forty children, including some with high-risk scores and some who are new to Udayan Care, were included in a matched control study with the Shalini Fellows. Mental health data was also collected from 19 aftercare, 34 alumni, 28 caregivers, and 11 social workers who were available for an interview between mid-June and early August of 2020. 

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