Customs and Cattle and Coastline... Oh, My!

September 19, 2014
Healthy and well, but being very careful!

Lauren Hess, Lydia VanWormer, & Adam Smith
Bass Connections

After a long overnight flight, we arrived safely in Accra, Ghana this afternoon. The customs process was relatively calm and we were out on our African adventure before we knew it. We spent the afternoon traveling along the Gold Coast and enjoying the sites on the way. We saw many merchants with storefronts atop their heads, and sampled some delicious fried plantains and African soda. The traffic to Cape Coast was full of honking horns and cattle crossings, but we made it to our destination at Elmina Bay Resort just in time for an authentic Ghanaian meal. We’re now off to bed with happy and full tummies of Groundnut Soup, Red Red, Kele Wele, Pavala sauce, and a sampling of African beers.  All of us are touched by the welcoming Ghanaian spirit and are looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure!