Tamale or bust!

September 21, 2014
Soccer along the coastline.

We woke up to another balmy morning on the gold coast and had our final breakfast the Elmina Bay Resort.  We boarded our bus and made our way back to Accra, where we caught our flight to Tamale.  Once we arrived in the northern region, we loaded our suitcases, supplies, and gifts into the host bus and let our hair down for a windy ride through the countryside.  The stark contrast from the southern, coastal region to the more remote, northern villages was eye opening.  From what we observed, homes along the coast were frequently made of handcrafted brick and hand-shaved wooden boards, whereas the northern region architecture consisted mainly of mud and bamboo.  The Ghanaians in the north were equally as welcoming and hospitable as in the south.  The accommodations at University for Development Studies (UDS) are very comfortable, clean and bright.  We were given a delicious Ghanaian meal of chicken curry, fried rice, yam fries and cold beverages.

Once rejuvenated, the team got down to business and had our initial planning sessions with the leaders of the anesthesia program at UDS.  Everyone is excited to launch the program.  There is great leadership from both Duke and UDS and the program looks promising.  We, as students, are very eager to meet both the traditional and distance-based students tomorrow and learn a little more about their backgrounds and experiences in the field.

Adam, Lydia, & Lauren