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Margaret Humphreys

Professor of the History of Medicine, School of Medicine
Trinity College of Arts and Sciences

(919) 684-2285

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Margaret Humphreys


Margaret Humphreys' research interests include the history of American medicine and public health, history of tropical medicine, history of medicine in the American Civil War and history of racial disparities in health and health care in the United States, and infectious disease in the U.S. and the American South.

Her research has appeared in a wide range of academic journals, and she has published several books, including her most recent, Marrow of Tragedy: The Health Crisis of the American Civil War. Humphreys was editor in chief of the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences from 1999 to 2012.

Humphreys, a professor in the Duke School of Medicine, is the president of the American Association for the History of Medicine. She also serves on the advisory board of the Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine.


Title Number Level Semester Requirements Fulfilled
History of Global Health
Crosslisted as GLHLTH 402

nThe course begins with the development of ancient medicine in Europe & China, and continues into the rise of biomedicine (e.g. laboratory science & microbiology) in the 19th and 20th centuries. Particular diseases illustrate important themes, such as the role of warfare in medical developments, the creation of international policy to control disease, and how non-Western societies intersected biomedicine. We trace global circulations of people and commodities to show how international agencies, charities and governing bodies have spread both disease and the means to fight it. Medicine has always been a global undertaking, and its history prepares us to address emerging health crises.

Course Notes:
UG Only FALL 2017 MAJOR: Focused Study
MAJOR: Foundations - Humanities
MINOR: Elective