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Matthew Rubach

Assistant Professor, Medicine
Assistant Research Professor, Global Health
Matt Rubach


Dr. Rubach is a specialist in clinical infectious diseases with medical training in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Medical Microbiology. As Co-Director of the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre-Duke University Health Research Collaboration in Moshi, Tanzania, he conducts clinical research on causes of severe febrile illness, serves as Medical Director of the laboratory that supports the site's clinical studies, and provides medical care & training in HIV clinics.



Recent Publications

Maze, MJ, Cash-Goldwasser, S, Rubach, MP, Biggs, HM, Galloway, RL, Sharples, KJ, Allan, KJ, Halliday, JEB, Cleaveland, S, Shand, MC, Muiruri, C, Kazwala, RR, Saganda, W, Lwezaula, BF, Mmbaga, BT, Maro, VP, & Crump, JA. (2018, June 7). Risk factors for human acute leptospirosis in northern Tanzania. Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases, 12 (6), e0006372-null.
Cash-Goldwasser, S, Maze, MJ, Rubach, MP, Biggs, HM, Stoddard, RA, Sharples, KJ, Halliday, JEB, Cleaveland, S, Shand, MC, Mmbaga, BT, Muiruri, C, Saganda, W, Lwezaula, BF, Kazwala, RR, Maro, VP, & Crump, JA. (2018, February). Risk Factors for Human Brucellosis in Northern Tanzania.
Cleaveland, S, Sharp, J, Abela-Ridder, B, Allan, KJ, Buza, J, Crump, JA, Davis, A, Del Rio Vilas, VJ, de Glanville, WA, Kazwala, RR, Kibona, T, Lankester, FJ, Lugelo, A, Mmbaga, BT, Rubach, MP, Swai, ES, Waldman, L, Haydon, DT, Hampson, K, & Halliday, JEB. (2017, July). One Health contributions towards more effective and equitable approaches to health in low- and middle-income countries. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences, 372 (1725). (Review)
Al-Emran, HM, Krumkamp, R, Dekker, DM, Eibach, D, Aaby, P, Adu-Sarkodie, Y, Ali, M, Rubach, MP, Bjerregaard-Andersen, M, Crump, JA, Cruz Espinoza, LM, Løfberg, SV, Gassama Sow, A, Hertz, JT, Im, J, Jaeger, A, Kabore, LP, Konings, F, Meyer, CG, Niang, A, Pak, GD, Panzner, U, Park, SE, Rabezanahary, H, Rakotozandrindrainy, R, Raminosoa, TM, Razafindrabe, TJL, Sampo, E, Schütt-Gerowitt, H, Sarpong, N, Soura, AB, Tall, A, von Kalckreuth, V, Wierzba, TF, May, J, & Marks, F. (2016, March). Validation and Identification of Invasive Salmonella Serotypes in Sub-Saharan Africa by Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction. Clinical Infectious Diseases : an Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 62 Suppl 1, S80-S82.

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