Catherine Staton

Associate Professor of Surgery and Neurosurgery

Associate Research Professor of Global Health

Dr. Staton's research is focused on the trauma and care for the injured. Clinically, she has witnessed the burden of injury and the magnitude of its impact on patients, family and communities both in the United States and abroad. In 2011, she completed an ARRA NIH Post-doctoral Fellowship in Mozambique conducting a Preventable Death Project and implementing the Ministry of Health's Clinical Trauma Registry at the country's premier trauma referral center Maputo Central Hospital. After fellowship and post-doctoral studies, she transitioned to Duke and switched focus to addressing injury prevention and care at KCMC in Moshi, Tanzania. She establishe a Traumatic Brain Injury Registry at KCMC in order to understand and improve the clinical care administered for patients. With this registry she found 30% of injury patients were intoxicated at the time of their injury thus spurring a research line in alcohol harm prevention. She has since been awarded a Fogarty Center K01 Career Development Award in order to better describe alcohol use in the Tanzanian culture as well as create an intervention for injury patients who have alcohol use disorders. Then Dr. Staton has exanded her registry to a trauma registry and with an Fogarty R21 is describing the care provided and needs and resources needed by injury patients with a goal of creating a Transition of Care. This R21, "Developing Capacity to Improve Care Transitions for Injury Patients in Tanzania" with create a care transition strategy for Tanzania and other low resourced settings.