Annual Impact Report

We’re excited to share the Duke Global Health Institute 2016–2017 Annual Impact Report, which highlights …

  • The ways faculty and students are working across boundaries to collaboratively explore and solve complex health challenges in low-resource settings
  • The positive impact our experiential learning programs are making on local communities
  • The translation of research into practical policy and technology solutions by DGHI’s centers
  • The critical philanthropic support DGHI has received to enhance our partnerships, expand opportunities for students and build our faculty membership
  • DGHI’s 10th anniversary symposium and partnership conference





DGHI’s undergraduate and graduate education programs prepare students with a wide variety of disciplinary interests to work across boundaries to solve complex health challenges facing our communities and our world. Likewise, DGHI faculty members represent multiple disciplines and teach students about—and indeed model—the power of interdisciplinary inquiry. DGHI’s education programs are an integral part of what makes Duke a truly global university and demonstrate what it means to be a university seeking knowledge in service to society.

“My teammates and I got to design every aspect of the research project, from IRB to publication, and having that level of autonomy as an undergraduate has helped me grow a lot as a student and as a person.” AZFAR HOSSAIN, Undergraduate Student


Experiential Learning

Global health is a field where doing, seeing and experiencing issues and challenges firsthand are integral to fully appreciating both its challenges and potential solutions. This is why breaking free of the confines of classroom and the comfort of the familiar are essential ingredients in DGHI’s education programs. Undergraduate students participate in one of several fieldwork programs, including DGHI’s Student Research Training (SRT) program, Bass Connections, DukeEngage or independent research. Master of Science in Global Health students undertake a research project between their first and second years, typically in a global setting, that forms the basis of their thesis.


DGHI'S 10th Anniversary

On October 5, 2016, more than 250 guests gathered to celebrate DGHI’s 10th anniversary at a day-long symposium and reception. Participants included Duke faculty members, staff and students, as well as DGHI board members, 25 of DGHI’s international partners and many others. Designed to provide a range of current, emerging and future perspectives on the field of global health, the symposium featured themed sets of TED-style talks and panels on topics such as integrating science and service, tapping into the power of experiential learning and using human-centered design to address global health challenges.



DGHI’s research program is broad and deep—spanning multiple disciplines and many faculty interests and delving into the intricacies of its seven research priority areas. DGHI faculty members collaborate with partners at universities and organizations around the world to develop projects that address particular global health challenges in a local context. Our research impact comes in the form of innovative disease interventions, new products and technologies and a systems-based approach to developing solutions to vexing global health problems.

“Future social franchising efforts that aim to deliver higher quality health care services might want to first rigorously test their assumptions about demand among potential franchisees, and the patients’ willingness to pay for improvements in quality of services.”MANOJ MOHANAN
Assistant Professor, Public Policy, Economics and Global Health



DGHI is home to six centers engaged in research across several disciplines. Centers are established to focus on a specific population (such as women's health), application of technology (such as digital health) or global health topics (such as policy). Centers attract researchers with complementary skills and experiences to address the center’s priorities, lending tremendous potential for synergy, enhanced productivity and the translation of research into practical solutions.



Support from alumni, parents and friends is critical to advancing the work of the Institute, and we’re grateful to everyone who supports the students, faculty and international partnerships that are central to our mission. These investments are critical to moving Duke, DGHI and the field of global health forward.

DGHI Closes in on Gates Foundation Matching Grant

In 2017, DGHI secured an additional $1,175,000 in matching gifts and pledges toward the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health Matching Grant, bringing the total amount raised to $6.8 million resulting in an overall impact of $13.6 million to date. The remaining $3.2 million of available matching funds is being held in reserve for gift proposals under consideration. We’re grateful to the Gates Foundation and our matching grant donors for supporting our work.

“We're grateful for the generous investments in the people and programs of the Duke Global Health Institute, which will preserve and elevate Duke's role as an internationally-recognized leader in global health for many years to come.” MICHAEL MERSON, DGHI Director